The SNP are acting illegally and we need to prorogue Holyrood and initiate a thoroughgoing revue of devolution.

Nicola Sturgeon is well aware that it is illegal under the provisions of the UK Parliamentary Acts that granted Scotland devolution for  the First Minister and the  devolved Scottish parliament to interfere in either the British constitution or foreign affairs.Also,under the recent Smith Commission Report recommendations it is made crystal clear that the UK Parliament retains full control over both matters.It is now abundantly clear that Holyrood,under the SNP,has absolutely no intention of keeping to this requirement.Successive SNP governments have simply ignored the legal terms of devolution and tried to manipulate any situation to facilitate their goal of breaking up the UK at all costs.Even the Scottish 'Conservative and Unionist Party',under Ruth Davidson,has recently called for the clearing of the constitutional barriers to holding more independence referenda.The devolution 'settlement' isn't working as nobody in Holyrood works within the framework of devoluition,with the result that Scotland is drifting towards separation by slow,incremental steps.I therefore assert that Holyrood should be prorogued and a thoroughgoing review of Scottish devolution undertaken.