EU referendum highlights dangers inherent in legislative devolution.

Here we go again.Before the EU referendum the Remain campaign didn't miss an oppotunity to play on people's fear that voting to leave the EU would lead to a second referendum on Scottish independence which they insisted would be won by the SNP leading to the breakup of the UK.Afterward Britain voted to leave the EU,the media was full of reports that Sturgeon was now 'definietly' going to hold another referendum.The Remainers spitefully pointed to this and said 'we told you so'.

All this does is show the inherent flaws in the whole devolution idea.The only reason that the SNP can cause this trouble is that Blair's government gave them legislative devolution in 1999.Sturgeon wouldn't have the ability to introduce any independence bills into Hollyrood if their was no Scottish parliament.Sturgeon needs to acknowledge the will of the Scottish people,expressed clearly in the 2014 referendum, and accept that the UK is a unitary country and that in such a state when 52% + of the people freely vote on an issue she should accept that result as totally valid and binding.She can't just reject it out of hand.

We need to replace Blair's legislative devolution with administrative devolution.That way Scotland can have power de-centralized and localized to them but the integrity of the UK is safeguarded.

It's also worth pointing out that this also proves that ther SNP haven't really accepted the 2014 result and probably never will.David Cameron's successor needs to  use his/her legal powers under both the Smith Commission and the original devolution Bill to deny the SNP a second referendum.