Devolution and independence-we are being deceived,lied to and misled.

Britain is being continuously lied to about the whole process of constitutional change.At the beginning,in the late 1990's, the government of Blair assured us time and time again that devolution would be 'an event'(IE a one off happening) and not a process,or more or less continuous series of changes.The Scots,Welsh and the Province of Northern Ireland would get a parliament/asembly with devolved powers but this would be 'within the UK' and the House of Commons would retain  responsibility for major issues(finnance,foreign policy,the army ETC).

This hasn't been adhered to. Over the years subsequent to devolution all the devolved bodies,but especially the Scottish parliament,has slowly but surely acreted more and more new powers to themselves until we get to the current postion where thr Scottish parliament will have the highest degree of  devolved autonomy that exists anywhere in the world(after the latest Scotland Bill comes into force).We shouldn't be surprised at this as both Tam Dalyell and Enoch Powell predicted this happening back in the 1970's during House of Commons debates of an earlier,similarly mad,attempt at devolution.Tam Dalyell was a proud Scotsman who often fiercely and intelligently fought for Scotland's interests in the Commons against all(especially English MP's) who took Scotland for granted or who treated her unfairly and/or patronisingly,much to the chagrin of those people guilty of such actions.He fought Scotland's corner in the Commons with great pugnacity and intelligence.However he realized that blinkered nationalism would lead Scotland into disaster.He realized that Scotland's best interests lay in maintaining the Union.He dismissed devolution as '...a one-way highway to independence with no roundaouts or turnoffs'.In his later years he criticized devolution as unworkable as it is in the nature of devolved assemblies to continuously attract more power to themelves,ending in the demand for independence.And look how true that turned out to be.

 Enoch Powell attacked devolution as unworkable in the 70's as he thought that two parliaments in one country would simply lead to conflict over who controls what.Having two parliaments in a unitary country leads to the devolved region breaking away from the other part of the country as the two provinces can't agree on who controls what and as the devolved region acretes more and more powers to itself it gaines the(often false) impression that it can go it alone-it seeks independence.Again,recent experience has proved him right.

The Scottish independence question has been beset with lies and distortions from all sides.The SNP simply told(and continues to tell) one bold face lie after another in order to bamboozle the scots into voting for independence.It's now obvious that they did this because they had no concrete policies for the post-referendum period if they won.Vague promises built on sand was all they offered(with a  good dose of extremely unpleasant metaphorical middle finger to the English).Luckily the sensible Scots saw through their mad plans.

But even the 'Unionists' have misled us.Cameron's 'conservatives' aren't really Unionists and indeed actually believe that it would be good for Scotland to leave the Union as this would mean that they would rule the rump UK in perpetuity as they can easily get a substantial majority in the Commons if Labour voting Scotland is removed from the electorial equation.Corbyn's neo-Trotskyite Labour Party is indifferent towards the Union and this is highlighted by his assertion that '...I am not a Unionist'.

David Cameron is the worst of them all.Before the 2014 Scotish independence referendum he promised that a 'no' vote would settle the question 'for a generation'(25-30 years?)He asserted repeatedly that this was a 'one off deal' and that this didn't set a precident that would enable future referenda to be held .After the nearly 2-1 'no' vote he re-asserted this.He called the vote 'decisive'.Now,in order to frighten people into voting for staying in the EU he is bringing up the bogeyman of a second Scottish independence referendum if we leave.Sheer scare mongering and hypocrisy.He knows he has the legal power(from the Smith Commission Report recommendations) to rule out a second Scottish referendum.It is perfectly clear from both the original devolution Bill and the later Smith Commission that the House of Commons retains full jurisdiction over constiturtional matters,including the calling of referenda,not Hollyrood.All this threatening of a second Scots referendum vividly displays Cameron's real lack of honesty about the constitutional change issue-he had no real intention of sticking to his 'one off deal' pledge and  will simply cave to future demands for referenda from the SNP.His misplaced patrician gentlemanliness means that even though he has the legal right to he won't deny the Scots future referenda if they ask.He can't be trusted on this issue.

We have been continuously lied to and misled from day one about constitutional change by everybody involved in the process and their deceit will lead  the UK  to ruin,if we don't stop them.