Abolish the Welsh Assembly-a useless,unwanted ,unneeded extra layer of government.

During the last ill-conceived attempt at contitutional change duriing the Callaghan Labour government of the mid to late seventies((usual suspects,huh?),there was a referendum in Wales on having devolution,for an assembly with limited powers.This idea was massively rejected by the Welsh by an enormous 80%+ 'no' vote and there was no devolution.

                       When asked why they had rejected this a large number of voters  stated that they didn't want another layer of government,but more responsive and efficient governance.This Association learnt from this experience and agrees totaly.Bigger is not inherently better.Less can,on many occassions,, give you more.We believe this applies to government. 

                       The current devolution 'settlement' of Blair has created a complete mess-it's  unworkable,inpracticable and very unfair to all parts of the UK. One of the worst primary problems is that these arrangements lead to the infamous situation where MPs from one part of the UK(IE Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland) have the ability to influence affairs in England,but English MPs have no such ability to vote on affairs in the other parts of the UK.And that's just one of many problems created by Blair's devolution.We need a better system.

                        We believe that the Welsh Assembly should be abolished and that powers relevant to the good governance of Wales should be given to committees within the House of Commons.Such committees would have full powers to decide what's best for Wales,so power would be de-centralized and localized,but would have no powers over the UK constitution and so could not be used as a platform to break up the UK.Once these bodies have decided on what they want a Bill to consist of their recommendations would become binding and would be passed into law.Matters that affect the entire UK would still be decided by a vote of all UK MPs.

                       This Association believes that.if given the chance, a large majority of the Welsh would vote for the abolition of the Welsh Assembly  If you agree that the Welsh Assembly is unfair and should be abolished,please tell us in the 'comment' section below..