No new referenda on the UK Constitution for atleast fifty years-sign our petition.

In recent years the people of the UK have expressed their settled will against foolish,ill-conceived changes to the contitution oi this country.Recently,the Scots voted decisively by a large margin to reject the SNP's mad plans for independence.In the dying days of the last Labour government,the English people voted by a crushingly massive margin against English regional assemblies,It's crystal clear that a large majority of UK citizens have rejected the idea of seperatist constitutional change.

            In the light of this fact,this Association has started a petition,to be sent to the government,which proposes that,

'In the light of the manifest evidence that the citizens of the UK have  rejected the concept of seperatist contitutional change,RE the 'no' to independennce from the Scots and the 'no' from the English to regional assemblies a few years back,expressed in democratic referenda,the United Kingdom Association proposes that fairness dictates the introduction of a new law which prohibits any new referenda being held on such matters for atleast fifty years.'

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