Regional assemblies are not the answer.

Unity and shared values are the key to framing a sucessfull,viable,practicable and fair UK constitution.Seperatism and nationalism,whist appealing to the short sighted and selfish aims of pedagogues and exremists(like Master Salmond) never produce anything of any enduring value.

                There has  been lots of talk from multiple sources(IE Cameron and in the Press) that,as the Scottish Parliament is to get a whole new raft of powers,the idea that the regions of England should get devolution should be revived.This would be a big mistake.

                 In the firsr place.the UK needs smarter,not bigger,or more layers of,government.We need to make the existing systems better,fairer and more responsive.This can be done by making it smaller and more efficient.Bloated administrations tend to lead to slow to respond,inefficient,overly bureacratic and sometimes even corrupt governance.Look at Brussels.Point proved?

                 Second,whist emphatically not advocating a centralized imposition of values from one part of the UK,we believe that there has to be certain shared values between all parts of the UK.Not the values of one dominant group,but certain values that can be subscribed to by the reasonable consensus of the majority of UK citizens,based,perhaps, on shared history and the outlook that follows from that shared narrative.Within that set of shared values,the various traditions in the UK  can co-exist.We must avoid the great danger inherent in regionalism of breeding an insular attitude.This could very likely leads to the balkanization of the UK and encourages national fragmentation.Local traditions are important and are to be encouraged,but not to the point that they sponsor antagonism towards other parts of the country as this promotes the disintegration of the UK.Regional assemblies would greatly encourage such balkanization.

                 Third.regional assemblies would lead to overly ambitious politicians abusing local issues to make a name for themselves.They would only interest themselves in local matters that help their careers in regional politics and ignore other important matters,leading to a decline in shared national values.This would aid nationalist politicians who seek to break up the UK.All in all,regional assemblies creare problems and promote division.

                  Lastly,we mustn't forget that,in the dying days of the last Labour government,a referendum was held on creating regional assemblies in England.There was a crushing 'no' vote.Simple fairness dictates that there should be no new referenda on this issue for some considerable time as it is the settled will of the English people that they have rejected this idea.

                   It's called democracy.