Scotland votes for unity.

The Scottish people have spoken.They have decisively rejected independence.The now discredited SNP have shown their true colours by initially accepting the result of the referendum then changing back to their true position of admitting that they don't really accept the free,fair and democratic decision of the Scottish people and will keep simply pushing their separatist agenda until they get the result that they want.Alex Salmond and his sucessors need to listen to the people and accept their settled will expressed through the ballot box.

                          The UK Association,whilst very pleased that the Union has been preserved,believes that we as a nation need to think very carefully before making any further changes to the constitution.Something of such supreme importance as the UK constitution,an instrument that has been exceptionally badly mistreated in the last few years,has to be handled very carefully from now on.First,it is crystal clear that independence has been decisively rejected by a latge and significant percentage of the Scottish people and that,having been given every opportunity to put the case for separation and lost,there should be no new referenda for atleast fifty years.That's simply fair to the winners of the referendum.

                           Second.the UK Association asserts that the constitutional reforms of the last Labour government were deeply flawed and should be abolished.A better system could then replace them.This doesn't mean that we would return to the status quo of yesteryear.Change and de-centralization can happen.The deeply flawed.inpracticable,unfair devolution 'settlement' of Blair's government has proved incapable of delivering these two aims in a workable wayThey should be abolished and replaced by a system that delivers localism and de-centralizes power but maintains the integrity of the United Kingdom. 

                          One way of doing this is to devolve power to sub-national bodies,like couincils(pre-existing or you could create new ones..)These bodies could then be granted powers to pass legislation that concerns purely domestic matters affecting their particular country,but as such bodies would have no power over constitutional matters they could not be used to break up the UK,as the SNP have abused their devolved Parliament by doing.This way the constituent parts of the UK have powers relevant to them de-centralized to their control,but the integrity of the UK is maintained.It also avoids the travesty of unrepresentitive,small,minority extremists gaining power and forcing through their unwanted agenda against the manifest will of the majority(the SNP only gained roughly 17% of the vote in the 2011 Hollyrood elections-hardley a democratic mandate in anybody's book.)

                          There are other ways to sucessfully frame the UK  constitution.We need to examine them.