Formed in late 1996 in Staines,Middlesex.The United Kingdom Association came into existance when it  became obvious to anybody who could see that the proposed constitutional reforms of the Labour Party were a recipe for disaster.Whilst in no way reactionary,backward looking or hankering after some past golden era(real or imagined),this Association could see that Blair's ref orms were unworkable,inpracticable and simply designed to bolster Labour's political power in Scotland,We thought that these views were nieve and far from 'killing off nationalism for good' as one Labour politician put it,they would be used as a mechanism to break up the UK.  

                 We tried tirelessly to put the case against these dangerous reforms,We wrote to MPs,newspapers and on various blogs.We even wrote to government departments,like the Scottish Office and also to No 10,but were alternately ignored,patronized or villified (and sometimes a combination of all three) by those concerned.

                  These efforts to highlight the dangers of such cynical,ill-conceived reforms continued throughout the Blair and Brown administrations and into the time of the present government,which adopted the same 'not interested,thank-you' attitude as it's predecessors.Our  worst fears were confirmed when Alex Salmond's SNP formed am unrepresentitive minority government in Scotland(on just 17% of the vote) after the 2011 Hollyrood elections with a promise to hold a reforendum on independence.Our worst fears had been confirmed.

                   The Scottish people saw through the SNP's non-existant plans for independence and voted for unity in a sizable and decisive way.Scotland won and can look forward to a bright future whist Alex Salmond and the SNP have lost and must accept the settled will of the Scottish people.

                    This Association sees it as it's duty to continue to highlight the dangers of ill-conceived constitutional reform and to examine viable alternatives to the current mess.